Advertising and Media Law

Advertising and Media Law

Our associates serve several players of the advertising and media market on a daily basis, such as Hungary’s  leading media, advertising, direct marketing, PR-, online marketing, production and event agencies. Among others we prepare and review various contracts, terms and conditions of prize draw and other quizzes, furthermore, we assist in the lawful wording and outcome of the creative materials of offline and online campaigns, especially from the point of view of consumer protection, privacy and competition law. Numbers of times we work not only for our own Clients but also for theirs – we give them legal advice on advertising and media law issues. Our experience and practice of more than 15 years and our continuous postgraduate studies and trainings make us capable to meet even today’s latest challenges.

By representing both agencies and advertisers we are heavily skilled in drafting and reviewing advertising agency agreements, contracts between the advertising agencies and the media owners (TV, radio, offline and inline press, outdoor media), contracts concluded with the production companies, casting and model agencies taking part in the ad production processes.

The rightful use of works protected by copyrights in advertisements is highly important. We are of great help to our Clients in locating either national or foreign right holders of footages, photographs, music and other works of art to seek their permission. We also negotiate the terms and conditions and formulate or review the contracts between the parties on the agreed rights of use.

We successfully represent the Hungarian subsidiaries of one of the World’s four largest advertising holding companies on a regular basis: local ATL, BTL, offline and online (digital) media agencies, including a leading media buying group in Hungary. Furthermore, so-called TTL-agencies providing integrated services (one of them the largest international agency in the domestic advertising market and another the biggest independent Hungarian agency) are also among our Clients, and a numerous production and event management companies, design and graphic studios too.

We are proud to say that we took part in the law-making process of the Advertising Act and the relating rules of law through professional organizations, representing the interests of the advertising and media agencies. With our active presence in professional forums, by having colloquys, discussions and sharing experiences with the authorities we promote effective jurisdiction and contribute to efficient professional self-regulation.

Therefore, we have good relations with the special authorities (e.g. NFH – Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection, NMHH -National Media and Infocommunications Authority, SZTNH – Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) professional organizations and societies for the collective administration of copyrights and related rights (e.g. MAKSZ, DIMSZ, MMSZ, Artisjus, Filmjus), we are members of the Hungarian Advertising Association (MRSZ), IAB Hungary (the national representative of the international Interactive Advertising Bureau),  and the Advertising Self Regulatory Board (ÖRT). Dr. Gyula Pánszky is the Head of Legal Division of MRSZ.