Commercial Law

We draft and review various ad hoc and frame contracts on a regular basis for our Clients in the commercial and service sectors, either in Hungarian or a foreign language, We particularly deal with contracts for work, engagement agreements,  domestic and cross-border freight and shipping agreements, supply and distribution agreements, and security documents connected thereto (bank guarantee, deposit, suretyship, collateral assignment, pledge etc.) We offer our legal counseling to solve any upcoming legal dispute, focusing firstly on reaching an amicable solution out of court. Should there be no other way to collect the overdue debts we represent our Clients in bankruptcy, liquidation or execution proceedings.

We support our Clients’ everyday work with legal opinions and interpretations related to their business. In case of loopholes or inconsistent jurisdiction we consult with the competent authorities and their superiors. For instance, we recently contacted the competent ministry and its organ in charge for the execution of the act on the prohibition of unfair market practices against suppliers due to their contradictory interpretations of the law.

We pay extra attention that our Clients’ business behaviour and communication be in accordance with the prevailing rules of law and ethics on consumer protection and the prohibition of unfair competition. Naturally, we deeply analyze the specific regulations of the concerning sectors in order to adopt adequate solutions of the legal matters arising in the course of our Clients’ business operations.

As the permanent legal representatives of one of the World’s leading spirit producer’s Hungarian subsidiary, among others, we have special skills in interpreting and implementing the rules of law on production and distribution of alcoholic beverages and other comestibles.