Intellectual Property – Copyrights, Trade Marks

As a law firm working for enterprises in the advertising industry we are highly qualified in the legal protection of persons’ individual rights, copyrights and related rights, trade marks, know-how and confidential information. We are members of the Hungarian Trademark Association.

Therefore, in advertisements the subsequent use of copyrights, related rights (of performers, producers of sound recordings, films, radio and TV productions) and individual rights related to previous works of art is crucial. We are of great help to our Clients in locating either national or foreign right holders of footages, photographs, music and other works of art to seek their permission. We also negotiate the terms and conditions and formulate or review the contracts between the parties on the agreed rights of use. In additon to commercials, we have conducted the legal work of feature-length films and TV-shows. In this respect we prepare the contracts with the contributors (director, director of photography, composer etc.), the agreements on the use of archive materials and the waivers and declarations for extras to the drafting lease agreements of assets and premises, broadcasting, sponsorship, PR- and film distribution agreements.

We have been providing our services to film makers, distributors and business companies exploiting merchandising rights. In this regard, we have gained significant experience in drafting and reviewing film distribution agreements with American and other foreign and domestic right holders. As the Hungarian legal representatives of a World leading spirit producer and distributor enterprise, we have remarkable skills in brand and trade mark issues as well.

Our Clients are mainly members of multinational corporations, therefore international IT-agreements and policies, SLA-s, business software applications, database management, licence and maintenance agreements are of major importance.

Our Firm’s activity also involves fight against plagiarism, adulteration and other copyright infringements, the infringement of a person’s rights (e.g. portrait, use of name) and trade mark infringement so we represent our Clients in related civil and criminal lawsuits as well. The founder of the Firm successfully represented one of the World’s leading TV-production company in a copyrights lawsuit against a Hungarian commercial TV-broadcasting company, moreover, our Firm has significant practice in press lawsuits as well.

We believe it is important to promote Hungarian fine arts at home and abroad. Thus we not only give legal advice to artists choosing us but our Firm has also developed its own collection of national contemporary art.