Labour Law

In representation of our Clients as employers we deal with employment issues on a daily basis. We assist in formulating employment and other labour agreements, letters of intention, and we modify the document templates from time to time in order to match the prevailing rules of law in force. We take utmost care that terminations of employment be in full accordance with the current legal regulation (e.g. expertise wording of termination letters, observing rules of law on termination limits and bans, etc.).

Pánszky Law Firm is highly skilled in developing the optimal construction of employee share schemes. We provide full service in respect of personal loans granted to  employees (drafting loan and pledge or mortgage agreements, legal representation of the employer in notary proceedings, etc.).

In respect of mergers and acquisitions  we insure that all tasks of employer’s succesion be completed.

According to our Clients’ needs we formulate and review various outsourcing and staffing agreements.

Our Firm has acquired considerable experience in respect of study contracts concluded with employees and traineeship agreements concluded with students and their institutes of higher education.

We also provide full service in case of collective redundancy: based on our schedule we prepare the required documents and represent our Client before the competent authorities.

Our colleagues pay the highest attention that our Clients meet all legal requirements in respect of employee privacy. As regards intercompany data transfers, we draft the required declarations and agreements in line with the national and EU privacy regluations and we review the relating policies in order to transfer the personal data of employees outside the European Union.

We develop and constantly update the templates on executives employment contracts, non-competition and confidentiality clauses and agreements.

We prepare the respective policies and codes of conduct for the employees to follow, tailored to each Client’s needs – e.g. bonus, cash handling, cars, mobile phones and other assets granted by the employer, cafeteria or other employee benefit and allowance schemes.

We draft and review the bylaws on labour protection and fire protection.

We give legal advice to the lawful use of various vehicle-tracking systems and we assist our Clients in designing and implementing the optimal workshift, working period or multi-shift schedules and in the lawful regulation on travel for work and overwork.

We represent our Clients in employment disputes, in court and before the competent authorities.