Corporate Law

Pánszky Law Firm has comprehensive practical experience in implementing corporate law related issues of national and foreign corporations.

Our legal services pertain to all possible phases of a business enterprise, e.g. foundation of the company, its subsidiaries, branches or commercial representation offices, changes in daily operation or even termination with or without legal succession.

We provide complete legal services in cases of mergers and acquisitions: revealing eventual risks in the course of legal due diligence, drafting or reviewing shareholders’ agreements, security agreements, formulating articles of association and their modifications, minutes on business quota holders’ and shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’ resolutions and other firm documents. Thereafter we represent our Clients in the firm court procedures. Moreover, our Firm is adept in preparing or reviewing syndicate agreements, policies, management and other by-laws, parent – subsidiary and all other kinds of intercompany agreements.

The founder of the Firm has conducted the legal work of numerous M&A projects for multinational corporations, for instance the merger of several Hungarian business units of a leading telcom corporation.

Lately, our Firm completed the legal part of an acquisition transaction lead by a leading communication agency, and formerly of a merger attained by an international foodstuff company.