Privacy, Direct Marketing

Our staff members regularly participate in the elaboration of appropriate legal background for lawful data management during promotions, direct marketing campaigns, games and various events organised by or for our Clients. We ensure that all phases of data management – starting from data collection, through data processing and safe data storage, data transfer (data forwarding) up to the deletion of data – fully comply with the privacy protection laws and regulations.

In various market sectors, among others in the areas of car manufacturing and car sales, finance, insurance and the FMCG sector we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise with respect to providing prompt answers to questions arising during CRM and other direct marketing campaigns and we are also able to offer practical solutions to such issues as a result of long cooperation with Clients carrying out and coordinating direct marketing activities in Hungary and in the Central-Eastern European region. In the case of cross-border campaigns we also offer data protection and lawful management of various promotions ensuring full compliance with the privacy laws and regulations of the given country with the involvement of local partner law firms.

Our services include the drafting of various privacy statements, information materials and agreements, such as among others declarations enabling marketing data management, agreements on the purchase of data and other data transfer, furthermore the professional review of such documents. When drawing up our official standpoint with respect to interpretation of the law we regularly consult and seek advice from the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection.

In addition to the above, we prepare the various internal by-laws and policies on workplace privacy, and in relation to data supply obligations of our Clients towards their international parent companies the appropriate statements and agreements necessary for forwarding personal data of employees outside the European Union. We always provide our services in compliance with the laws of the European Union and Hungary, with special attention to the rights and lawful interest of the employees of our Clients.