Month: September 2018

Competition Proceeding against Google is closed with Commitment Decision

The Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal, GVH) initiated a competition supervision procedure in 2016, to investigate the communications practices of Google LLC (Google) that were assumed to have violated the prohibition of unfair trading practices. The GVH noticed that prior to putting ‘Allo’ chat client on the market, in the related marketing communication Google had

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NMHH imposed a fine on Vodafone for infringement in data reconciliation

The official statement of National Media- and Infocommunications Authority (Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság, NMHH) of 27 August 2018 claimed that in 2017, Vodafone did not perform the data reconciliation of about one-third of its subscribers having prepaid phone cards as per the statutory provisions, furthermore, it disconnected unreconciled SIM cards only one week after

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The ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union states that new permission of the author shall be obtained to the disclosure of the author’s photographs on a website other than that on which they were initially displayed

A press release of the Court of Justice of the European Union on 7 August 2018 disclosed to the public the Court’s judgment, adopted in the proceedings between Land of North Rhine-Westphalia and Dirk Renckhoff, stating that ‘the concept of “communication to the public”, must be interpreted as meaning that it covers the posting on

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