Month: November 2018

Strict rules on audiovisual media services

On 2 October 2018, the European Parliament has adopted new rules on audiovisual media services, protecting the children better, limiting the quantity of advertisements and demands 30% European content at least. The amended regulation applies to the television channels, the video-on-demand service providers (a service that allows the downloading of video and audio records and

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The decision of the Budapest Bar Association of the 1st of October allows the performance of identity verification through videophone

Under the new Act on Attorneys, since January 2018, attorneys at law may countersign documents even if they witnessed the execution of the act of signing or the client’s acknowledgement of the signature as his/her own only through a videophone. However, this method still required a previous personal meeting between the client and the attorney

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Citizens with no electronic signature are to be able to create electronic documents of full probative value

The newly adopted Code of Civil Proceedings attributes full probative value to the electronic instruments supplied with identity verification-based document authentication. The identity verification-based document authentication service (in Hungarian: azonosításra visszavezetett dokumentum-hitelesítés, AVDH) offers the possibility of electronic handling of official businesses also for people without an electronic signature. NISZ Zrt. provides the opportunity of

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