Citizens with no electronic signature are to be able to create electronic documents of full probative value

The newly adopted Code of Civil Proceedings attributes full probative value to the electronic instruments supplied with identity verification-based document authentication.

The identity verification-based document authentication service (in Hungarian: azonosításra visszavezetett dokumentum-hitelesítés, AVDH) offers the possibility of electronic handling of official businesses also for people without an electronic signature. NISZ Zrt. provides the opportunity of AVDH-authentication of .pdf files for every citizen who have client portal (in Hungarian: ügyfélkapu) registration, so that they can create electronic instruments of full probative value for no charge.

This development, introduced by NISZ Zrt., causes the authentication clause not to include only the name, but four personal identification data of the user; therefore, the authenticating person of a document supplied with AVDH can be unambiguously established. Still, such .pdf files, authenticated with AVDH, may not be endorsed by an attorney at law yet.

The upgraded service is available through this link.