The Government announced new economic set of actions on March 23, 2020

The significant measures included in the most recent economic set of actions the Government announced on March 23, 2020 midnight are as follows:

1. Certain acts of the court in the judicial enforcement proceedings will be suspended; during the term of the moratorium, certain enforcement acts are not to be executed (e.g., eviction, on-site auctions). The Government has also decided on the suspension of execution sales (auctions).

2. The proceedings for the enforcement of due and mature tax arrears are also suspended for the term of the emergency.

3. The term of entitlement for health insurance and family benefit allowances provided for child care and raising shall be extended until the end of the emergency situation.

4. In respect of the PayPass card payment method, the banks shall raise the threshold of touch-only payment transactions (that do not require the typing in of the PIN code) to HUF 15,000 from the current HUF 5,000 by 15 April 2020.

5. No tourism development contribution shall be reported in the annual or quarterly tax reports, and the amount of the contribution shall not be paid in respect of the period between 01.01.2020 and 29.02.2020 by the concerned taxpayers.

6. The Government has extended the scope of business activities upon which tax allowances are granted. Accordingly, the enterprises pursuing any of the following activities as the main business activity are relieved of the social contribution, the vocational contribution, the rehabilitation contribution advance, and they shall pay a reduced amount of health insurance contribution (HUF 7,710) after employees, sole entrepreneurs and corporate bodies. These business activities are the following:
– Taxi operation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 49.32)
– Accommodation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 55)
– Food and beverage service activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 56)
– Creative- arts and entertainment activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 90)
– Sports, amusement and recreation activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 93)
– Gambling and betting activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 92)
– Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 59)
– Organization of conventions and trade shows (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 82.30)
– Publishing of newspapers (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 58.13)
– Publishing of journals and periodicals (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 58.14)
– Programming and broadcasting activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 60)
For the purposes of the Decree, the main activity shall mean the taxpayer’s business activity from which the taxpayer has gained the most, but at least 30% of its income in the last six months preceding 24 March 2020.

7. The small taxpayer entities having any of the following activities as the main activity shall be relieved of their small tax payment obligation for March, April, May and June 2020:
– Taxi operation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4932)
– Hairdressing and other beauty treatment (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9602)
– Painting and glazing (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4334)
– Other human health activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8690)
– Electrical installation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4321)
– Physical well-being activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9604)
– Performing arts (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9001)
– Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4322)
– Specialist medical practice services (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8622)
– Joinery installation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4332)
– Sport and recreation education (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8551)
– Roofing activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4391)
– General medical practice services (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8621)
– Floor and wall covering (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 4333)
– Dental practice activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8623)
– Support activities to performing arts (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9002)
– Other sports activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9319)
– Hospital services (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8610)
– Organization of conventions and trade shows (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8230)
– Holiday and other short-stay accommodation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 5520)
– Fitness facilities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 9313)
– Other food service activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 5629)
– Other accommodation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 5590)
– Gambling and betting activities (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR9200)
– Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 8810)
– Hotel and similar accommodation (TEÁOR/NACE and TESZOR 5510)

The small taxpayer entities may be allowed to repay their existing small tax arrears in several installments.