The official availability of business entities to be registered in the Disposition Register

Pursuant to the Act on the general rules for electronic administration and trust services (E-administration Act), economic operators are required to register their availability for electronic contact, i.e. the so called “official availability” in the Disposition Register, by not later than 31 August 2017.

The official availability must be a contact address that is suitable for a clear and unique identification of the business entity, suitable to provide an electronic confirmation on the date of dispatch and receipt, to identify the recipient, to guarantee that documents are received intact, to administer failed deliveries, and to provide receipt confirmations.

Business entities may comply with this mandatory reporting obligation by registering their official availability for electronic contact in the Company Register.

Parallel with such changes, the Companies Act also got modified, according to which as of 1 January 2018, the Company Register will include the official availability of business entities in line with the E-administration Act, however, business entities may register their official availability in the Company Register at any earlier date.