The Tax Authority’s former General Department in charge of supervising gambling activities has been transformed into a standalone official authority

Pursuant to the relevant government decree entering into force on 6 July 2017, a new official authority has been created, named Gambling Supervisory Authority, to substitute a former department previously operating under the Tax Authority, to perform the tasks related to the mandatory state supervision of the organisation of gambling. The chief officer of such new Authority will be the Chairman of the Authority, while the Authority will be officially supervised by the Minister in charge of the state supervision activities conducted to organise gambling.

The new Gambling Supervisory Authority will have a territorial scope covering the entire area of Hungary, and will perform all tasks falling under the scope of the state supervision of organising gambling activities, in particular, the new Authority will carry out an official supervision of all activities falling under the scope of the Act on Organising gambling activities (Szjt.), as part of which the Authority will supervise and control the entire gambling operator market, will conduct all related official licensing procedures, will legally and forcefully act against any gambling operators found to be operating unlawfully, or without being properly licensed, will be required to maintain all related official registers, and will perform all other tasks related to a proper state-level protection of the players involved, or related to a responsible state-level organisation of the gambling market.