Certain Procedural Rules Are Amended For The Period Of The Emergency Situation

Due to the epidemic emergency, the Government has amended certain procedural rules in the last few days, in respect of (among others) the following procedures:

The rules related to activities subject to authorization

Certain activities subject to authorization listed in Government Decree No. 191/2020 (V.8.) on Licensing and Controlled Notification During the Emergency Situation are allowed to be pursued without the completion of the respective authorization/licensing procedure. These activities may be started after the receipt of the written notice to be provided within eight (8) days from the performance of the controlled notification (as defined in the Government Decree), provided that all legal conditions to the performance of the activity are met. The activity may be pursued thereafter for a period defined in the law concerning the specific license that applies to the given activity.

Procedural rules of data processing and data requests of general interest

The Government Decree No. 179/2020 (V.4.) on the Diversion from Certain Provisions Concerning Data Protection and Data Requesting During the Emergency Situation has amended the procedural deadlines applicable to the data controller.

Thus, the rules on the exercise of the data subjects’ rights in respect of the personal data processed for the purpose of prevention, cognition, detection, and prevention of spreading of the corona virus-related diseases are amended for the period of the emergency situation. All measures to be done upon the request of the data subject submitted to the data controller shall be suspended for the period of the emergency situation; the deadlines applicable to these measures shall start on the day following the termination of the emergency situation.

The procedural rules related to the data requests of general interest are also amended. Accordingly, among others, the data controller is entitled to extend the deadline for the provision of the requested data, if the timely performance of the requested data provision would jeopardize the performance of the data controller’s public duties related to the emergency situation.