Regulations regarding the reopening of kindergartens and nurseries

The Government has adopted the following provisions concerning the reopening of kindergartens and nurseries, and the organization of summer camps.

Pursuant to the related Government Decree, in line with the previous easing of the restrictions applicable to Budapest and the territory of the country except for Budapest, the provisions concerning the reopening of the kindergartens and nurseries shall enter into effect (with two weeks difference) as follows:

1. Reopening of the kindergartens and nurseries

From 25 May 2020, the kindergartens, nurseries, mini nurseries, family nurseries and nurseries operated by workplaces, which are located outside of Budapest (hereinafter jointly referred to as the nursery), while from 2 June 2020 the kindergartens and nurseries located in Budapest are allowed to be open and operate in the normal pre-emergency work order and shall accept the children in line with the legal provisions concerning the participation in pre-school education and nursery care, without any further conditions.

In the period until 31 August 2020, the kindergartens and nurseries are allowed to close for two weeks maximum.

2. Data Provision

The kindergartens shall provide data on the number of children participating in the pre-school education on a daily basis, using the Köznevelés Információs Rendszere (KIR, Public Education Information System) operated by Oktatási Hivatal (Education Office). The data provision shall comply with the requirements of the KIR system. Data shall be provided to the major of the competent municipality (as per the location of operation of the kindergarten).

The maintainers of the nurseries shall also provide data on the children being in the care of the nursery by the end of each working day to the registration of service users, in line with the Government Decree No. 415/2015 (XII.23.) on the Registration of the Users of Social, Child Welfare and Child Protection Services and on the National Data Provision System.

3. Provisions concerning the organization of summer camps

From 16 June 2020, children- and youth summer camps are allowed to be held (with or without accommodation).