The rules of wearing a mask in Budapest to be more strict from 18 September 2020

On 15 September 2020, the Decree No. 46/2020 (IX.15.) of the General Assembly of the Budapest-Municipality Local Government on the amendment of the Local Government’s Decree No. 21/2020 (IV.23.) concerning the protective measures against the spread of the new coronavirus was published in the Official Gazette of Budapest. Due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Decree provides for the tightening of the rules of mask-wearing in the territory of Budapest.

As of the effective date of the Decree on 18 September, wearing a mask covering the nose and the mouth will be obligatory for persons above six years ‘in cinemas, theatres, at concerts and circus shows, in premises open for the public, and in the buildings, certain parts of which are open to the public, in such public areas (this does not apply to the performers and the time of consumption of food and drinks), as well as at condominiums’ general meetings held in closed spaces’.

Pursuant to the Decree, in the case of a breach of these stricter rules of mask-wearing, the person responsible for the protection of the life and physical integrity of the people in the institution falling under the mask-wearing obligation and the safeguarding of the concerned property shall warn the concerned person to the obligation of covering his/her nose and mouth. ‘Should this warning remain unsuccessful’, the aforementioned person ‘is entitled to prevent from entering to or remove from the given place the person who breaches the rules, by observing the legal restrictions set forth for legitimate arbitrary actions’.

Unless committing a misdemeanour or a felony, the person breaching the above rules shall be fined. The amount of the fine may vary between HU 8,000 (on-site fine) to HUF 15,000 (administrative penalty). An on-site fine may be imposed if the concerned person rejects to put on a mask despite being expressly warned to do so. The on-site fine may be imposed by a public safety officer (in Hungarian: közterület-felügyelő), and the organ entitled to impose the administrative penalty is the general town-clerk (acting in a capacity delegated by the General Assembly of Budapest-Municipality).