Disease control measures to be in place until 1 March

The Governmental decree issued on 29 January extends the disease control measures until 1 March and it amended Governmental decree No 484/2020 (XI. 10.) on the second phase of protective measures applicable during a state of emergency, as follows:

  • cultural institutions, public education institutions, museums and libraries may be visited for the purpose of trainings that are in accordance with the Act on Adult Education or the Act on Vocational Training, in which case the participants and the trainers are allowed to stay in the institutions only for the duration of the training.
  • when the Hungarian Police learns about a breach of the restrictions and obligations applicable to restaurants and catering businesses, and if the breach occurs for the first time, the catering business shall be temporarily closed for a period of six months, in the event of a repeated breach the facility shall be closed for a period of one year and the business operator shall be banned from conducting catering activity for the duration of the temporary closure.

    If the catering business has been temporarily closed by the Hungarian Police, the licence acquired by the catering business operator shall lose its validity for the duration of the temporary closure thereof, and the operators shall be rejected any permit to conduct catering activities and be banned from any catering activities.

    The restaurant manager or a member of the company that operates the catering facility may not personally or as member of another company perform catering services.

    In the event of a breach hereof the catering facility shall remain closed for the remaining period of the temporary closure and the operator may receive a fine between HUF 1 million and HUF 5 million.

    The Hungarian Police shall inform the competent authority of the temporary closure and the authority shall revoke the operating licence of the facility and prohibit the conduct of the catering activity by removing it from the register of authorised catering businesses.

The disease control measures and their eventual future prolongation will be revised in the second half of February. The measures are expected to be lessened only if the number of infected people significantly decreases or if enough vaccines become available. According to the Hungarian Government until the vaccination rate reaches a high enough level any lessening of the disease control measures would only result in a new wave of the pandemic.